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What do I need, to move ahead in my life? Why do I attract the negative forces and negative people?

Why am I here? Is this really a simple case of come, do and die. What is the purpose of my life?

My life is filled with wonderful people. And yet, why do I feel empty inside. There is nothing missing. Or, is there?

Forest road. Landscape.

You need answers!

My prayer for you.... is to help you find them!

If such questions are plaguing you, you are not alone. And yet, who has the answers?

It is not the Guru, the Teacher, the Parent, the Master, the God, the Guide…

You know the answer….. Yes, it’s YOU!!

And I offer my prayer to you, to help YOU get in touch with YOU.

If you are facing stumbling blocks in your life and you are unable to get out of the pattern, let the universe help you. Instead of being at war with the Universe, let it send you a positive ray, a drop of sunshine to give you respite in the midst of a cold, cold winter. The universe is capable, and so are you. What is missing is the connect. That is my intent… to connect you to the universe. And I can do that. Because…. You and I are connected. To everyone else. We are energy.  



This website is the account of my personal journey.

The real intent is not to be a provider of answers for your queries on the topics of healing, readings or even past life regressions. There have been many who are doing a better job at explaining these phenomena and I have provided links to the same. Please read at your leisure.

The intent for My Prayer For You, is exactly what it says.

When the prayer comes from the heart, when the prayer has purest of intents, when there is no malice, no expectation in the prayer, the prayer works. The prayer is the purest form of connecting to the universe. The universe that is our mother. The universe that hold within itself, all the answers. I want to be a part of, and connect to that universe. Some might say we already are. But the intent is to be one with that universe, and that is through the prayer. Through my prayer…for you.

To connect, I use three modalities.  All are interlinked to each other. Everything works, everything aids the other.

Feel free to be a part of this journey.

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